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The Public Finance Law Group PLLC is the preeminent public finance law firm in Oklahoma, engaging solely in the practice of municipal bond law since 1935. If you're involved in any aspect of financing activities for entities or projects that can borrow on a tax-exempt basis, we can help.

Success Stories


    oklahoma state capitol building

    • Distinction: Comprehensive restoration of the 100-year-old capitol building
    • Issuer: Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority
    • Issue Size: Approximately $300 million

    city of Oklahoma City

    • Distinction: The largest private infrastructure development in Oklahoma's history
    • Issuer: The Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust
    • Issue Size: Approximately $140 million

    Muskogee municipal authority

    • Distinction: New 8 million gallons per day water treatment plant 
    • Issuer: Muskogee Municipal Authority
    • Issue Size: Approximately $30 million